Icy & fraught; lush & brilliant


for SSAA, violin, viola, and piano

My own text explores winter’s and summer’s emotional nature. The first movement, Under Winter Sky, sets the listener in a frozen landscape, barren and devoid of sunlight. Slowly, the sun begins to shine and melt away winter’s cold and dissonant harmonies. Summer skies shine bright with warm and lush harmonies in the second movement, titled In Summer Breeze.

The text and music serve as a metaphor for the emotions I experienced while coming to terms with my identity as a gay man. The height of my fear and anxiety in dealing with coming out was experienced in winter, but these emotions slowly gave way to a warm summer where I felt reassurance and acceptance by those who became closest to me. It is my hope this work comforts anyone struggling with a sense of identity in the ugly face of prejudice.

There are resources for those who may be struggling with their own sense of identity, and for those who are close to someone struggling. If you might be one of these people, please visit glaad.org and itgetsbetter.org.