Mournful, longing, burdened


for string orchestra and percussion

Rise is written as a meditation on our innate desire as humans to overcome struggle and adversity. A repetitive strain injury in 2012 and 2013 severely impacted my life both musically and personally, which prompted me to re-evaluate my decision to pursue a career in music. This work is imbued with the physical and emotional strain experienced during this time, and was written to remind myself of the intensely beautiful power music holds.

I wanted to write something that was hauntingly beautiful in its dissonance, perhaps as a way for me to recognize that my physical struggle was in pursuit of the beautiful craft that is music-making. I have since recovered from this injury, but it took nearly five years and has left a large impact on my relationship with performing music. I hope this work will speak to anyone who has experienced such frustration and adversity in pursuit of their passion.

Score currently unavailable, but enjoy listening: