Virtuosic, rhythmic, celestial

Points of Light

for solo piano

I. Labyrinths Above
II. Veiled Mist
III. Radiant Blaze
IV. Boundless
V. Shadowed Gravity
VI. Luminous Heaven
VII. Gleaming Webs

Points of Light is a set of seven miniatures set in arch form which explores light and dark facets of the celestial world as metaphors for the human ethos. The outer movements contain the raw materials on which the inner movements are built. The four movements surrounding the center explore in isolation a facet of the first and last movements, with sibling movements sitting in stark contrast to each other. The center movement is a spacious and free abstraction of all musical material contained within the piece. The work was composed in response to a poem I wrote, which reflects upon the likenesses between the celestial world and the inner world of human emotion:

Points of Light

Points of light spin 
Gleaming webs. 

Strong diamonds, 
Soft starlight, 

Labyrinths above 
Point within. 

Points of Light was written for and is warmly dedicated to long-time friend and collaborator, Michael DelfĂ­n.