Lux Aeterna (2020)

Lux Aeterna is written in memory of all the animal, plant, and human life lost in the devastating fires in Australia during the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. The work moves from a subdued interiority to a passionate plea while juxtaposing moments of soft beauty and light. Moments of brightness are overshadowed by falling harmonies which darken and mar the voices’ radiance.

I hope the work will serve as a reminder of the natural beauty humanity continues to senselessly and utterly destroy in pursuit of a haughty, lonely greed.

Lux Aeterna was written for and is dedicated to Caroline Sackleh and New Downbeat.

Text by Nicolas Bizub:


They say forever
They said eternal


It was delivered
It is infernal

Lux Aeterna