Incisive, driving, brash

Distant Light

for symphony orchestra: 3 (3rd dbl picc), 3 (3rd dbl eng hn), 2+Eb+bass, 2+ contra, 4, 3, 3, 1, timp, 3 perc, 2hp, pno/csta, stgs

Distant Light is written as a reminder of the struggles minorities in society have faced, continue to face, and will continue to face. The music is on the whole dark, loud, and angry. Yet within this darkness, there are moments of questioning, longing, and determination. There are also short-lived moments of bliss, relief, and truly positive strength. I see those moments as a musical depiction of a distant light that shines in a truly equal society. These musical characters and emotions are woven together by a single melodic thread which undergoes rapid transformation throughout the entire piece.

I wrote Distant Light influenced by my own personal reflection on growing up as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and the struggles I faced. Any struggle in the face of prejudice can be truly overwhelming. I hope this composition speaks in a universal way as a reminder of the strength that positivity lends in the pursuit of that brilliant distant light which shines in a truly equal society.

Distant Light was commissioned by and warmly dedicated to Aik Khai Pung and the College-Conservatory of Music Concert Orchestra.