Defeated & devastated; macabre & clashing

A Letter To The Future

for violin or clarinet and piano

In August of 2019, Icelanders commemorated the melted glacier named Okjökull with a ceremony and a plaque with a letter to the future. The translated letter reads:

Ok is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier. In the next 200 years all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.

August 2019
415ppm CO2

A Letter To The Future presents a meditation on the loss of Okjökull to climate change. A single melodic thread is transformed from an expansive and majestic iteration to one that is marred and grotesque. The beauty and majesty of this melody is lost as it melts away into a stark and barren texture.

A Letter To The Future is written for and warmly dedicated to Madeleine Mitchell.